Yukarı Çık


Otuzbir Chemical and Industry Turkish Inc. was found in Turkey in 1956. Our company established the first Sodium Sulfide (Na2SO4) plant with German technology in Turkey. Sodium Sulfide is a product derived from Charcoal (carbon) and Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4) compounds and our company served the leather market with this product until 1985. During these years, the growth in textile and detergent industry had appealed the sale of sodium sulphate and our facilities in Acıgöl had been developed rapidly to its current level.

The world's most pure and clean Sodium Sulfate, refined quality raw material produce in the lake Acıgöl. Currently, our company serves the textile and detergent industries with the production of Sodium Sulphate in a total of approximately 6,067,000 m2 area that is a capacity of 25 production ponds.

Otuzbir Kimya’s capacity is 125,000 tons per year. In our facility’s laboratory, our chemist work meticulously because we intend to send our customers the best quality of Sodium sulphate. We have available excavators, diggers, trucks, vans and loaders in the facility park.

In addition, as a result of the amendments to the law on monopoly, salt production allowed to the private sector and Otuzbir Kimya with the owned salt production license began to produce salt.

Environment: Since our company’s establishment, we operate various studies in this regard with respect to the nature’s consciousness without compromising. Every year thousands of sapling distribution is done by our company.